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Senior Football
2Robinvale - Euston Football Netball Club60Robinvale Euston167.681510
1Mildura Football Netball Club48Mildura148.161540
3Irymple Football Club48Irymple142.541240
4Wentworth Mildura Football Netball Club36Wentworth107.17970
5Red Cliffs Football Netball Club36Red Cliffs102.01970
6Ouyen Football Netball Club28Ouyen United93.04790
7Merbein Football Club24Merbein104.156100
8South Mildura Football Netball Club6South Mildura50.971141
9Imperial Football Club2Imperials53.320151
A Grade NETball
1Wentworth Mildura Football Netball ClubWentworth64167.681600
2Mildura Football Netball ClubMildura54148.161321
3Ouyen Football Netball ClubOuyen United40142.54952
4South Mildura Football Netball ClubSouth Mildura36107.17862
5Irymple ColoursIrymple34102.01871
6Merbein Football ClubMerbein3293.04880
7Imperial Football ClubImperials16104.153112
8Robinvale - Euston Football Netball ClubRobinvale Euston1050.972131
9Red Cliffs Football Netball ClubRed Cliffs253.320151

Sunraysia Football

Fostering Inclusive Football Excellence

We are dedicated to continuously improving football, both on and off the field, to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our members and the wider community. Through our commitment to our core values, we aim to promote a culture of respect, fairness, and excellence in all that we do.

Good Kick by Wentworth. Photo: Paula Mastrippolito

Sunraysia Netball

Building Skills, Bonds, and Community

SFNL netball provides opportunities for our members to give back to the community through volunteering and community service. Our goal is to inspire a lifelong love of netball that positively impacts on the lives of our members and the wider community.


Thank you to our sponsors. Their contributions help us to achieve our purpose and enrich the Sunraysia region's sporting landscape.

Sunraysia Football & Netball League

OFFICE: 58a Lemon Avenue Mildura

POSTAL: PO Box 121 Mildura VIC 3502

Football matters:

Jason Torney

MOBILE: 0409 220 606

EMAIL: football@sfnl.org.au

Netball matters:

Marlene Byrnes

EMAIL: marls0305@bigpond.com

Yelena Richardson

EMAIL: yelena.richardson@tweglobal.com