Domestic Violence Round

The Sunraysia Football and Netball League and Clubs in partnership with Dhelk Dja and the Mallee Family Violence Executive are making a collective stand to ‘say no to family violence’.


Both footballers and netballers alike will wear white socks as a visual acknowledgement of the cause.


The league is very keen to promote this themed round to help raise awareness around family violence, violence against women and discrimination in sporting clubs.


Clubs have communicated their support with planned initiatives to aid in raising awareness and assist in educating players, coaches, committees, supporters and members in stamping out all forms of family and domestic violence.

The league appreciates the support of all member clubs in helping to push the messaging of this week’s themed round.


The Sunraysia Football and Netball League would like to acknowledge the terrible impact of family violence on individuals, families and communities, and the strength and resilience of the children, young people and adults who have, and are still, experiencing family violence.

We acknowledge the determination, advocacy, and courage of victim survivors.  We would also like to acknowledge those who have lost their lives due to family violence and the families, friends and communities who have been impacted by this preventable and far-reaching issue.

Gender inequality is how violence starts, EQUALITY is how it stops.

Sexism and disrespect might not seem like a big deal, but they create a society where violence against women can be dismissed and normalised.

Violence against women occurs in every community across Australia. Our community (Mildura LGA) has the highest reported rate of family violence per population for the state of Victoria. This is why WE ALL need to step up to prevent violence.


· 25% of young men believe a women can make a man so angry he hits her when he didn’t mean to.

  • We can change this by recognising that using violence is always a choice.

  • We show women that violence, abuse, and disrespect is never their fault and don’t blame them for somebody else’s actions.

  • We help to shift community attitudes away from justifying or excusing violence.

  •  By recognising that violence is always a choice a man makes, we help change the story of violence against women.

· 40% of young men feel pressure to believe that a man who talks about his worries and fears shouldn’t get respect.

  • We can change this by showing young men there’s more then one way to be a man.

  • We teach them that showing emotion and being vulnerable are worthy of respect.

  • We promote addressing your feelings as a strength, and we show young men that healthy masculinity benefits both them and the people around them.

  • We act as the role models’ boys and young men need, and we set the standard for the society we all live in.

  • By showing young men there’s more than one way to be a man, we help change the story of violence against women.

Violence against women is preventable.

WE can shift the main drivers of violence against women by;

  • Increasing gender equality in our society

  • Promoting equal and respectful relationships

  • Encouraging respectful, ethical forms of masculinity.

Everybody has a role to play in building a future free from violence.

Quote: Promise yourself the next time you see disrespect, you’ll call it out. Commit to challenging everyday sexism and know that your words and your actions matter. Rosie Batty

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