Final Five

The SFNL have committed to operating a final five finals series upon the completion of the home and away season. The League will adopt the traditional McIntyre final five system. The team that finishes atop the ladder will get a week off while the other 4 teams play the Qualifying (2v3) and Elimination (4v5) finals in week 1 of the series. The 2 semis will follow in week 2, followed by the Preliminary Final and then the Grand Final.

The clubs will have an opportunity to host the 4 finals over the opening 2 weeks of the series while the SFNL will host the Preliminary and Grand Final, both to be held at the Mildura Sporting Precinct.

The SFNL believes this structure will create significant interest as teams compete for a coveted final five position. With all clubs recruiting well during the off season, it is anticipated that there will be keen competition for these positions.